Photo Trip "Gustar Experience"

2016 Chisinau, Moldova

11 photographers, more than 20 destinations and thousands of photos. This photo trip was organized by the USAID to promote Moldova as a tourist destination and its attractions: traditions, festivals, wine, gastronomy, nature and people. This event allowed to create an extensive photo portfolio for Moldova's tourism sector and 10.000 postcards were printed as a result of this trip and displayed at Chisinau International Airport.

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Photo Contest "Arcul de Triumf"

2015 Chisinau, Moldova

It's my first photo contest and the fact that my photo took the first place came as a big surprise. This picture was taken on the Red Square, Moscow wile the workers were constructing the platform for a concert

The photo contest was organized by the Union of Art Photographers from Moldova (UAFM) and a jury team was represented by professional artists from Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus and USA. 

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