About Me

Every project is a part of its creators, their reflection, therefore, before I start working on a project, I get to know its owners.

I try to find out what they love, what they are interested in, what are their values ​​and views. 


Only after that I move on to reviewing the project itself. 


I want to create not just a beautiful, but a well-thought-out image that will reflect the philosophy of the brand and its owners.


Logo and corporate identity is the image of the brand, it is the first thing that the client sees and that allows to form the first impression of the brand. I want to help the owners to make this image in such a way that connects to the audience and speaks the same language with it.


I want the world to have more projects in which the soul of everyone involved is invested, so that the world around us is not only functional, but also beautiful, 

unique and varied.