Graphic designer —
Specialized in Branding & Visual Identity.

About Me

About my work

My creative path includes ceramics, stained glass, scene design and photography. My journey as graphic designer has stared in 2017 and I am looking forward for many more years to come.

I continuously develop my skills through education and new projects.


What drives me as a creator is an ambition to be a part of different projects and see my work coming to life.

Every project is a part of its creators, their reflection; therefore, before I start working on a project, I get to know its owners. I try to find out what they love, what they are interested in, what are their values ​​and views.Only after that I move on to reviewing the project itself.


I want to create not just a beautiful, but a well-thought-out image that will reflect the philosophy of the brand and its owners.


I want the world to have more projects in which the soul of everyone involved is invested.

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I speak English, Russian and Romanian


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