Chisinau is pretty small, quiet and suburban city and nevertheless cozy and VERY green, there are trees alongside of the roads (mostly walnut-trees) and in a courtyard of every building, there are a lot of city parks and several natural parks with lakes. The end of spring and the beginning of summer is the time when the city has its the most appealing look on, wrapped in grapevines and sinking in freshly green grass, blooming trees and sunlight.

    This is the time when I enjoy an afternoon stroll through the park the most and "Dendrarium Park" is my personal favorite so far. This park is worth visiting throughout the whole spring to enjoy the blossoming of wide variety of trees and flowers each popping with colors in its own time: magnolia, lilacs, roses, tulips, peonies, lilies and many more. This park is ideal for a walk or yoga practice, a picnic with friends or along time with an interesting book, this is also a very popular location for wedding and family photoshoots.

    There is another park I love very much - "Valea Morilor" (Mills Valley), where you will find several monuments such as Mayakovsky, Lenin, Ion and Doina Aldea-Teodorovici, a summer theatre, very old fashion amusement park and a breathtaking sunset over the lake.


    Couple of tourists-free places to eat, drink and rest. These are not the places where you can try national Moldovan cuisine, but nevertheless here is served very tasty food. 


   "Uptown Cafe" is usually the first place that pops in our minds if we are going to dine out. It's a rather small cafe with a comfortable summer terrace hidden in the courtyard, great atmosphere and delicious food for a very fair price. They also often host local musicians in the evenings.

The best pizza in town is definitely in "Pizzeria Caruso", owned by an Italian moved here couple of years ago from Pompeii. They make their pizza in an original wood pizza stove and have two types of mozzarella cheese: regular and DOC. It's a little bit more expensive than an average price for pizza in the city, but it's worth every lei.

​Recently discovered Greek cafe - "OPA" with friendly stuff and tasty food. And they don't serve only greek, but also have mămăligă and pancakes.

And finally last, but not least favorite "Gastrobar". Very authentic, small cafe, situated across from the Embassy of France. It's quite pricey, but their manue is to die for. They change their menus seasonally and have special offers from time to time, like fresh oysters or mussels in broth with white wine.